Tracking, Updating & Completing Loads

Automated Tracking and Updates = Less Check-ins

MustDeliver's app automatically keeps the shipper informed of your load's progress so you don’t have to. The following outlines the steps a driver needs to take to ensure load tracking is on and the load is completed with minimal distractions.

Turning on Location

The MustDeliver app's location permission setting on your mobile device must be set to "Always".  This ensures tracking updates continue even when the app is running in the background (i.e., app is open but not visible). You should open the  MustDeliver app before leaving for pick and leave it running through the  completion of the load.

Android Location Settings:

Open MustDeliver app settings by tapping and holding the MustDeliver app icon and then tapping the small "i". Tap on Permissions and then Location. Select the "Allow all the time" option.

iPhone Location Permission Settings:

Open Settings and then MustDeliver app settings. Tap the Location setting and select the "Always" option.

Updating Load Status

You must update the status of the loads as you progress towards completion. When you book a load, the load status is "Booked". From there you must update the load status as each events occur:

  • LOADED (BOL sent)
  • IN TRANSIT (tracking is enabled)

To update the status of a Booked load:

From your Dashboard Dashboard Icon, tap  your current load to view Load Details and then tapping the blue MARK AS AT PICKUP button at the top of the screen. Back on your Dashboard you'll see that the load status has updated to DRIVER AT PICKUP. Follow these same steps to continue to update the load status as you progress towards delivery.

Completing a Load

Mark the load as DRIVER AT DELIVERY and then UNLOADED when appropriate. Once marked as Unloaded you'll be asked to confirm receiver information and then presented with a short driver survey. Upon completing the survey, you're brought to your Dashboard where you'll see the Upload PoD action listed under your Notifications.

MustDeliver pays out the driver fee within 48 hours of receiving proof of delivery. Payments will reach your bank account in typical ACH time frames (2 – 5 bank working days). For multi-day loads, we initiate a payment of 25% of the total driver fee within 24 hours of you marking the load in transit and pay out the remaining 75% of the driver fee within 48 hours of proof of delivery.

To upload a PoD:

Tap on the Upload PoD action under your NOTIFICATIONS and then tap the blue UPLOAD PROOF OF DELIVERY button. From here you can choose to Upload an Existing Photo/PDF from your device or Take a New Photo of the  hard copy document. Once the PoD is uploaded, your load is complete. You'll be brought back to your Dashboard. The completed load will no longer be listed under Your Loads.