• Taking the Good with the Bad: MustDeliver Values Driver Feedback

    Taking the Good with the Bad: MustDeliver Values Driver Feedback

    Author: Nicki Franz

    MustDeliver App Store ReviewDespite their vital role, we hear from many owner operators that they feel voiceless and under-appreciated within today’s freight industry. At MustDeliver, we recognize the importance of independent drivers and small carriers and treat our driver community with the fairness and respect they deserve. The MustDeliver platform empowers drivers by offering transparency, driver preferences and encouraging direct communication between all parties: driver, shipper, and MustDeliver.

    We’ve come to find that when given the opportunity, drivers offer invaluable feedback both negative and positive. And we’ve used this to our advantage, using driver compliments and complaints to inform our business decisions and tech. If you love how transparent we are about pricing — let us know. Or, if you’re annoyed by our load preferences form, we’d love to hear about that too.

    All that being said, we were especially appreciative of the app review recently left by one of our drivers in the Apple App Store. We encourage you to leave a review for the MustDeliver Driver app within the App Store or Google Play Store. Or, feel free to send us your feedback directly via email/text anytime:

    If you’re an independent truck driver or small carrier who could use an additional tool for booking loads — download the MustDeliver Driver app, register, and give us a try! The app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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