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No, there are no monthly charges or ongoing subscription fees. The app is free to download.

No, you do not have to sign a contract with MustDeliver.

Download the free MustDeliver Driver App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Follow the simple registration process.

Presently we are looking for independent owner operators with their own MC number that are authorized for property and who have at least one 53 foot dry van.

Connect your bank account to the MustDeliver App. We automatically pay you for every load you haul.

We pay you 25% of the driver fee within 24 hours of you marking the load in transit in the MustDeliver App. We pay you the remaining 75% of the driver fee within 48 hours of you delivering the load.

MustDeliver's shipper charge and resulting driver payment for each load is based on lane-specific market rates informed by FreightWaves Sonar data. The shipper charge, MustDeliver fee, payment processing fee, and driver payment will be shown in the shipper web app and MustDeliver Driver mobile apps when the load is offered.

MustDeliver Fee: 10%
Payment Processing Fee: 3.1%

Your photo is displayed to shippers once you have accepted a load of theirs to haul.

Yes. If you have space in your trailer and can make the requested delivery time, you are free to haul other loads along with loads sourced from MustDeliver.

Currently we do not but are looking to add this in the future. You will receive 25% of the driver fee within 24 hours of marking the load in transit. This payment will reach your bank account in typical ACH timeframes (2 – 5 bank working days).

A fixed pick up and delivery fee is included in the pricing of each shipment. We will be monitoring this fee and how long the pick up and delivery times are taking. We do not offer other accessorials at this point.

If it is more than 72 hours from the pick up, tap the load under YOUR LOADS on the Main page and then tap CANCEL ASSIGNMENT. If it is within 72 hours, please email or call 1 833 933 1833.

Please alert the shipper of the situation as soon as you believe you will be late. Once a load is in transit, the app automatically calculates ETA and will alert the shipper (depending on the shipper’s preference) if the delivery will be delayed. However, alerting the shipper yourself is also recommended.

  1. Be sure to edit your truck information. Go to the Profile Overview page in the app . Tap TRUCK INFO and edit the equipment you have. We won’t show you loads that require equipment you don’t have.
  2. Set your load preferences. From the Profile Overview page , tap LOAD PREFERENCES. We won’t show you loads that conflict with your availability or that are a very poor match for your preferences.
From the Profile Overview page , tap LOAD PREFERENCES. Enter the maximum number of miles you are willing to deadhead to pick up a load. We’ll sort loads that are closer than the maximum higher in the Available Loads list than other loads. As the pick up gets further outside this maximum, the load will appear lower down in the Available Loads list.
From the Profile Overview page , tap LOAD PREFERENCES. Tap ADD LANE. Enter a city, state pair. We’ll sort loads that are to/from this city, state pair higher than others. As a load gets further away from this pair, it will appear lower down in the sorted list. Click ADD LANE to add more lanes.

MustDeliver uses your location to track the progress of the load you are hauling while it is in transit. We notify the shipper of the load’s progress. We also use your location to notify the shipper when you are inbound to pick up the load. Lastly, we use your location when you search for available loads so that loads close to your current location are sorted at the top of the Available Loads list.

The bill of lading is available on the app from the Load Details page once the freight has been loaded. Tap the load under YOUR LOADS on the Main page and then tap VIEW BILL OF LADING. From that page, you can choose to email and/or text the bill of lading to an individual. We suggest you also ask for a hard copy of the bill of lading from the shipper.
In the first instance, please contact the shipper directly via the Conversations page in the app . Tap the load for which you need to report a problem and from that page message the shipper. If you cannot resolve the issue with the shipper, please email or call 1 833 933 1833.
When the load has been unloaded, on the Main page tap the load under YOUR LOADS and then tap MARK AS DELIVERED. The receiving agent that the shipper provided will be filled in on the ensuing dialog. Confirm that the person that received the load matches what is filled in. If not or if the shipper never provided a receiving agent, enter the name of the person receiving the load and tap CONFIRM DELIVERY.

Shipper Help Center

No. There are no monthly charges or ongoing subscription fees.

No, you do not have to sign a contract with MustDeliver. There are no minimums.

Go to the MustDeliver registration page, fill in the information and click Register to get started!

You enter shipments into MustDeliver via a shipment creation form. Once you review the shipment and mark it Approved, MustDeliver matches the shipment with independent owner operator drivers on the platform that best suit your needs and driver’s equipment and preferences. You are notified when the shipment is accepted and by whom.

Register on MustDeliver, enter a credit card for payment and you are ready to ship!

We notify you when the driver indicates s/he has arrived at the pick up location, has loaded your shipment, is in transit and has delivered the shipment. We also notify you when the driver is 100 miles and 50 miles from the delivery destination. You may also indicate which level of notification you would like if a shipment is delayed on the shipment creation/editing form. E.g., you can specify delayed at all, more than 4 hours delayed, etc. and we will notify you accordingly. This can be set on a per shipment basis.

No, MustDeliver offers one-truck, partial truckload and full truckload services.

MustDeliver calculates the total fee for a load using a per mile rate plus a fixed pick up and delivery fee. The driver gets 86.9% of this total, 3.1% goes to Stripe (our payment processing provider) and MustDeliver gets 10%.

All of our drivers must have a valid MC number that is authorized for property and be properly insured to haul freight. We regularly check the status of our drivers with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Please email or call 1 833 933 1833 to report any issues with a shipment.

You must have a credit card on file to approve shipments on the platform. Approved shipments are then matched with drivers. We charge you 50% of the shipper fee when the shipment is marked as in transit by the driver. We charge you the remaining 50% of the shipper fee within 48 hours of the shipment being delivered.

Yes. You must be logged in to do so. Once logged in, click the Users link in the top navigation of the website. On the Users page, click Create Shipping User. Provide a first and last name, email address and mobile number for the user. They will receive an invitation to register.

You can track your shipments by going to your Shipment Dashboard and clicking the Tracking link next to the shipment. You will also receive notifications to your email and/or mobile about the progress of the shipment.

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