• MustDeliver Saves Shippers Money with ACH Payments

    MustDeliver Saves Shippers Money with ACH Payments

    Author: Charles Iragui

    As we aim to disrupt the freight industry for the benefit of our shipper and driver stakeholders, MustDeliver has various guiding principles such as transparency and reducing friction. These mean that we believe seeing clearly, having fewer hurdles and dealing with fewer parties to get the job done all serve the common interests of all concerned. One way we are clearing up the freight cobwebs is through payment systems.

    While terms of payment may well be practical in many circumstances, we believe the client should be able to reap the reward of opting to pay on delivery, so we pass along the savings if the shipper chooses to do so. We also believe that modern systems should be integrated for business purposes, and we’re pleased to offer our customers the benefit of streamlined payment options through ACH Credit on our Stripe payment platform. This flexible tool allows the shipper to select when the payment is made and either pay less by paying within 48 hours of the proof of delivery or pay a modest 3.5% fee and delay payment for a month. In either case, the shipper will interact only with MustDeliver and no other collector such as factoring companies so commonplace in the current freight industry.
    MustDeliver Shipper Payment OptionsAnother item of special interest is the protection of banking information. The ACH Credit process is entirely within the shipper’s own bank processing system, with MustDeliver providing its own Stripe routing number. This means that no shipper banking information need ever be gathered. The money sent by the shipper is then securely directed within the Stripe platform to pay the driver. And the driver’s bank information is also stored entirely by Stripe, a recognized global leader in cybersecurity.

    MustDeliver is committed to its principles by leveraging the best systems to provide transparent, seamless and safe payments.

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