• MustDeliver Driver Profiles

    MustDeliver Driver Profiles

    Author: Charles Iragui

    MustDeliver has identified several critical failures of the current freight trucking paradigm: lack of transparency, too many layers, lack of technology, too little data gathering and, above all, the failure to proactively and systematically include the driver in the solution.

    We see the driver as both a critical partner in the best freight delivery outcomes and as a vital guarantor of reliable service. Drivers registered on our marketplace can communicate with the shipper, if problems emerge. And equally as importantly, drivers on the MustDeliver marketplace, much like other digital marketplaces, have a Driver Profile, making the driver/seller a recognizable, evaluable, appreciable person.

    In the context of the US freight industry, this level of transparency is unique, as the industry has tended to treat drivers as anonymous cogs, interchangeable and not able to add value to the shipment transaction. This is clearly not the case, as driver communication, punctuality, courtesy, thoroughness, timeliness, safety and attention to detail all contribute to the best outcomes.

    Furthermore, the example of organic food labeling standards can demonstrate the power of profiles to leverage the skills and the value-add of drivers. Organic food labeling standards are in the process of being tightened by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, particularly in the area of auditing the organic supply chain. Drivers will play a key role in implementing these new standards and this will require drivers to be knowledgeable in the rules involved. A system like MustDeliver’s Driver Profiles allows drivers to not only succeed in more exacting tasks but also to demonstrate and publish these skills.

    Our Driver Profiles allow the driver to market their value-adding work habits and skills. This is a key feature of MustDeliver’s driver inclusivity for superior outcomes.

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