• MustDeliver Celebrates Drivers All Month Long

    MustDeliver Celebrates Drivers All Month Long

    Author: Tony Manzella

    2021 National Driver Appreciation Week

    Trucking is at the heart of the American economy and drivers are what makes trucking tick. September 12 to 18 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week but at MustDeliver our appreciation isn’t a week-long or month-long event; it is a year-round focus of what we do.

    MustDeliver gives drivers the respect and recognition they deserve. We offer:

    • complete price transparency so you have full knowledge of what the shipper is paying, what you are earning and what our fees are
    • a higher percent of load rate so you earn more on every load
    • load search preferences to help you find the loads that best match your needs
    • automated updates and tracking to keep the shipper informed so you don’t have to

    For years some in the industry have perpetuated the myth that there is a driver shortage. There is strong evidence that the real problem is driver retention. Why is churn so high and driver retention so low? Low pay, lack of respect for drivers and no commitment to driver success. All things we are fighting to change. In fact, the success of our drivers is central to everything MustDeliver does. Download our app and let us start to prove to you that we are committed to the driver.

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