• Live Shipment Tracking: 3 Ways MustDeliver has you Covered

    Live Shipment Tracking: 3 Ways MustDeliver has you Covered

    Author: Chris Dalton

    At MustDeliver, visibility is an essential part of our service. When you trust your shipments to us you’ll always be in the know.

    Our technology platform knows where the truck is and the most up-to-date ETA for the shipment, but we hear a variety of perspectives from shippers on how they’d like us to keep them informed. Fortunately, our system gives you choices.

    On a shipment-by-shipment basis, you decide what kind of tracking-curious shipper you are.

    1. “This is an absolutely critical shipment for our company we are all watching every mile.”
      No problem, log in to the MustDeliver shipper dashboard and click the Track button next to the shipment. You’ll see the location of the shipment on a map and its ETA, updated every 5 minutes.
    2. MustDeliver Shipper Tracking

    3. “I’m not worried, I know it’s fine, but the customer/receiver keeps asking me where it is. How do I get them to leave me alone?”
      Your MustDeliver rep can email you a shareable tracking link — email it to your customer/receiver and they can follow it down the road the same way you could if you were worried.
    4. “This is a milk run, I don’t care, don’t bother me (unless there’s a problem — how would I know if there’s a problem?)”
      Sometimes no news is the best news, but of course we would tell you if there’s a problem. Our system is constantly monitoring the ETA of your shipment, and we’ll send you a message if it’s late. You can set your delay notification preferences for each shipment, turn it up all the way and we’ll let you know if the truck is even one minute late.

    We strive to keep freight rolling smoothly, but as everyone in this industry knows, sometimes problems are unavoidable. When something does go wrong, you’ll know as soon as we do — within minutes — and be more prepared to respond accordingly. To learn more about the value MustDeliver can offer shippers see: https://mustdeliver.com/shipper/

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