• Getting Paid by MustDeliver: Your Questions Answered

    Getting Paid by MustDeliver: Your Questions Answered

    Author: Chris Dalton

    (Spoiler: It’s Easy and Fast)

    At MustDeliver, we built our marketplace to give drivers more control, more visibility and more respect. Our approach to paying for transportation is fair and honest. It reflects the fact that drivers have fuel and other costs that occur right away, before they even pick up the load, so they shouldn’t be waiting weeks or months for payment.

    Here we answer some common questions about our payment process.

    Q: How long does it take to get paid by MustDeliver?
    A: We pay the full amount by ACH deposit within 48 hours of you delivering the shipment and uploading the proof of delivery document from your phone.

    Q: You mean you offer “quick pay” or “factoring”? How much does that cost?
    A: Paying quickly is how we do business, it’s not an add-on. If somebody is charging you extra to get paid promptly for a service you’ve already provided, you might ask them why they think owner operators should be financing somebody else’s business.
    MustDeliver Load Driver Payment Details
    Q: How much will I get paid?
    A: We pay you the amount shown as “Driver Payment” in bold in our mobile app.

    Q: What gets deducted?
    A: Nothing. Driver payment is what it says.

    Q: How do I know my bank account is set up correctly?
    A: Stripe, our payment processing partner, does some checks when you first enter your payment account in your profile. If you’re regularly browsing shipments and collecting rewards in our app, you may get a reward payment from us even before you take your first MustDeliver load. We pay out rewards to your bank account once the balance exceeds $50.

    Q: How do I know when I’ve been paid?
    A: We send you a text and/or email notifying you of payment.

    Q: Great! Is that it?
    A: No, actually it’s better. On longer lanes which normally take more than a day of driving, we will pay you a 25% advance once you pick up the load, then the remaining 75% after proof of delivery.

    We’re excited to be bringing straight-shooting business practices to the freight industry. If you’re tired of getting the runaround from slow paying brokers, we think you’ll find MustDeliver a breath of fresh air.

    Have more questions? See our Driver FAQs page or reach out to one of our Driver Success Specialist: Contact MustDeliver

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