• MustDeliver Completes First Load!

    MustDeliver Completes First Load!

    Author: Nicki Franz

    The MustDeliver team is excited to announce the completion of the first load on the MustDeliver platform! We want to send a big shout out to Jamie Bond, the owner operator who hauled the inaugural load from Kentucky to Illinois on September 1st, 2020. That’s his fine looking rig at the delivery dock in the image above. We know it’s no small thing for a owner operator to take a chance on a new load booking tool, so thank you for working with us, offering your vital feedback, and allowing us to ask you a whole lot of questions in the process. Here is a direct quote from Jamie on his initial impression of MustDeliver:

    Just downloaded the app and looked at your website and I must say I like your approach to this deal from an owner operator’s perspective. The transparency aspect of showing the shippers rate, showing MustDeliver’s fee, and finally the rate to the truck is what grabbed my attention first and foremost. It’s vastly unheard of for brokers to show all that info to the driver. Owner ops will appreciate that, and that’s what will separate your business from other logistics providers out there. Looking forward to working with you on this.

    On morning of September 1st the team eagerly watched Jamie, in the form of a small blue circled on our in transit map, as he arrived at his delivery location in Illinois. While it was a success — we are the first to admit that it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We learned a lot from minor miscues encountered and look forward to the opportunity to learn from and continually make improvements to our system based on driver feedback. We are a driver-first freight marketplace that is focused on enhancing trust and equalizing control between shippers and drivers through transparency and open communication.

    We also want to thank our pilot shipper, Creative Packaging Company (CPC), who is the first shipper to put loads on the platform. Their support and input during our pilot phase has been invaluable as well.

    About Creative Packaging Company
    Creative Packaging has been providing custom designed, high performance packaging solutions various industries, including the protective packaging, construction, pharmaceutical distribution and manufacturing, and other temperature sensitive distribution markets such as the meal kit delivery service industry for over 30 years. Privately held and family run, CPC takes pride in their commitment to excellence and quality. To learn more about CPC: https://creativepackagingco.com/

    About MustDeliver

    MustDeliver is a new digital freight marketplace that offers unprecedented levels of clarity, communication, and control by offering a direct connection between drivers and shippers. We seeks to enhance trust and restore a balance in power and control between the driver and shipper by offering complete price transparency for both sides of the transaction, a direct communication channel, and a learning algorithm that results in smart, efficient load matching. We offer a FREE mobile app for drivers to connect to the system to book loads. For shippers, we offer a intuitive web app for loading shipments onto the platform with no contracts or obligations.

    For additional driver benefits see: https://mustdeliver.com/owner-operator/
    For additional shipper benefits see: https://mustdeliver.com/shipper/

    If you’d like to learn more about MustDeliver feel free to contact us:
    Phone: 1 833 933 1833
    Email (drivers): owner_operator@mustdeliver.com
    Email (shippers): shipper@mustdeliver.com

    To sign up: https://mustdeliver.com/sign-up/

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