Driver Registration Guide

Step-by-step instructions for registering a new driver account


MustDeliver Driver is a FREE mobile app that helps owner operators find and book loads. Our platform is built to give drivers more power and control through complete price transparency, quick payouts, and extensive driver preferences.

Android users click below to install:

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iPhone users click below to install:

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We are currently seeking owner operators with their own authority with dry van, flatbed, reefer, or 26' box trucks. You can search for and book loads through MustDeliver once you've registered a new driver account through the ap. If you need direct assistance send an email to or reach out to our support team at 1 833 933 1833. Below are the steps to completing a new driver registration within the MustDeliver Driver app using an Android phone. The process may look a bit different but is similar on an iPhone. If you prefer, you can view/download Quick Start guide here: DOWNLOAD PDF

Upon opening the MustDeliver app for the first time, you'll be asked if MustDeliver can have access to your location. Select "While using the app" for now. Once registration is complete, this will be updated. Note: Android is shown, iPhone location access process may be slightly different

After dismissing the location prompt you will see the login screen. Tap the FIRST TIME USER? REGISTER button to register a new driver account.MustDeliver Driver App Login Registration Screen

Enter your 10-digit Mobile Number, MC# and Truck/Trailer type and tap NEXT. Your mobile number and MC# will need to be verified so make sure they are valid and entered correctly.

If your MC number is verified as Authorized for property, you'll see the Success! screen. Click NEXT to progress. If your MC number is not found or returns Not Authorized you will receive a message saying so. You cannot continue with your registration until your valid MC# is entered.MustDeliver Driver App MC Success Screen

Next you'll need to verify your mobile number. You should receive a 6 digit verification code via text. Enter it and tap NEXT. If you did not receive the text, tap the Try again link, enter your mobile and MC# and tap NEXT to initiate the mobile verification.MustDeliver Driver App Mobile Verification Screen

Fill in the form. All fields except Promo Code are required. Once filled in, tap NEXT to proceed. Note: you must accept MustDeliver's Terms & Conditions to register. Tap the terms and conditions text link to review our terms.MustDeliver Driver App Registration Form

Review your information. If all looks correct, tap NEXT. If there is an error, tap the BACK button and correct it before proceeding.MustDeliver Driver App Registration Review Screen

After confirming your information, you'll be brought to the Home screen. A pop up message notifies you that MustDeliver needs access to your location for reasons described in the message. Tap GOT IT.  Note: Android is shown, iPhone location access process may be slightly differentMustDeliver Driver App Location Permission Notification

Within MustDeliver app Location permission settings select the "Allow all the time" option. Tap the back arrow to return to the app. Note: MustDeliver only uses your location to track the progress of the in transit MustDeliver loads to notify the shipper of the load’s progress.MustDeliver Driver App Location Settings

Your driver registration is now complete! Before searching for and booking loads you should complete some additional actions by tapping each listed under your NOTIFICATIONS. Most important are:
-Uploading insurance
-Connecting bank account
-Entering truck length/weight/equipment

MustDeliver Driver App Dashboard Screen

Your driver registration is now complete!

At this point you are logged into your driver account but you still have a few more actions to complete before you're ready to search for and book available loads. Those actions are listed under the Notifications settings of your Dashboard.

MustDeliver Driver App Profile Overview Screen

There are 4 main screens in the MustDeliver Driver app which correspond to the 4 gray navigation icons at the top of the screen. The icon corresponding to the screen you're currently viewing is highlighted white. In this image the Profile Overview screen is being displayed and so the Profile icon is highlighted white. From left to right the main screen icons are:

Dashboard Icon Dashboard: lists actions and your loads

In Transit Icon In Transit/Tracking: progress map/ETA info for in transit load

Profile Icon Messaging: direct to shipper messaging available for awarded loads

Profile Icon  Profile (shown): see below

Note,  many actions listed under NOTIFICATIONS on the Dashboard can also be completed or updated via the Profile Overview screen. From here you can:

  • Add/Update PROFILE INFO (notification preferences, COI upload)
  • Add IDENTITY DOCUMENT (optional unless prompted to)
  • Add/Update PROFILE PHOTO
  • Add/Update TRUCK INFO (truck/trailer type, trailer length, max weight, additional equipment)
  • Add/Update LOAD PREFERENCES (deadhead, schedule, lanes)
  • Check LOYALTY ACTIVITY (driver rewards balance, total miles)
  • View additional information ABOUT MUSTDELIVER (app release, website link)