• All Offsets are Not Created Equal

    All Offsets are Not Created Equal

    Author: Holly Sobocinski

    MustDeliver is partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to make offsetting your freight footprint simple and easy. By selecting this option while creating your shipments, you are planting a tree for every offset purchased. Our tool calculates your offset cost immediately and the price is just over a penny per mile — even if you are shipping refrigerated freight!

    Who knew offsetting your footprint could be so easy and affordable? What’s even better is that the carbon offsets you purchase are all rigorously verified.

    Ensuring that carbon offsets are third-party verified, tracked and registered by one of the industry accepted standards such as the Climate Action Reserve or the American Carbon Registry is vitally important to the integrity of the offsets themselves. Once a carbon offset meets one of the rigorous methodology standards, they are still verified by a third party that is not the standard or the project developer. That way, the verifier is an unbiased party who can evaluate the project fully and transparently. All documents relating to the methodology, verification and validation are held in the registry and available to anyone who wishes to view them.

    With MustDeliver, you can be confident that offsetting your shipments’ carbon footprint is creating verifiable change that you can report to your clients directly.

    We are very proud to offer this benefit to MustDeliver shippers. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our carbon offsets program! Feel free to contact us directly through our website at here or via our social media. You can find us on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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