We're MustDeliver, and we're not just delivering vehicles. We're delivering progress, driving change, and hauling the industry towards a better, brighter future. Let's deliver it together!

Our Team

Carrie Love
CEO, Co-founder

Chris Dalton
CTO, Co-founder

Tony Manzella
CPO, Co-founder

Michelle Locke

Charles Iragui
Finance, Operations

Jared Smith
Director Auto Logistics

Our Purpose

Our story begins in the harsh terrains of Northern Maine, amidst the gritty trucking communities that form the backbone of America's industry. MustDeliver is the brainchild of a leader who's lived the trucking life. Our co-founder and CEO, Carrie Love, is the youngest sibling in a family of eleven. As a child, she rode along in potato trucks, logging trucks, and even the occasional dump truck, absorbing the life of a trucker at its core. Read more

Her journey from the passenger seat in Northern Maine, to steering an innovative technology company in the auto hauling industry is a testament to the power of grit, determination, and a deep-seated commitment to revolutionizing the trucking industry. MustDeliver is a reflection of Carrie’s life story and her passion to create a better world for truckers, just like her brothers, who are the unsung heroes of American industry.

At MustDeliver, we’ve ingrained the values of hard work, perseverance, and intimate understanding of the trucking world into our technology. Our solution is tailored to simplify the process of transporting vehicles across the United States, assisting Drivers and Carriers in finding loads faster, managing paperwork electronically, returning home quicker, and maintaining a complete record of their workflow.

But we’re not stopping there. Our platform is designed to boost operational efficiency of customers and drivers, grow revenue, and lower overhead costs, all while satisfying the needs of both our customers and our drivers. As we aim to disrupt the auto hauling industry, our roots remain deeply anchored in our founder’s early life experiences, shaping our dedication to making the auto hauling market a more efficient, more transparent and easier to operate within for all the key stakeholders.

We are MustDeliver, and we’re not just about transporting vehicles. We’re about delivering progress, steering change, and propelling the industry towards a brighter, more efficient future. Welcome aboard. Together, let’s deliver it!

Move Any Car. Anywhere.

Whether you have a brand-new SUV ready for home delivery, an exotic supercar going to auction, or a lease return that needs to be picked up, MustDeliver can help you move it.

Nationwide Coverage

At the root of the shipping problems was the complete lack of transparency and communication between the Shipper and the Driver caused by the third-party broker. The founders observed that the communication barriers between Shippers and Drivers and the lack of shipment visibility were central contributing factors in each of the dozens of failed deliveries. Indeed, MustDeliver's own market due diligence has borne out these initial observations: the lack of transparency between Shippers, truck drivers, and freight brokers leads directly to service failures and high levels of distrust and dissatisfaction, especially between shipping clients and truck drivers.