• Who is MustDeliver? A Brief Overview

    Who is MustDeliver? A Brief Overview

    Author: Nicki Franz

    MustDeliver is a digital marketplace that delivers industry leading clarity, communication, and control between shippers and drivers. Our platform offers the ability for drivers and shippers to connect directly to move freight. Both sides benefit from complete pricing transparency, automatically generated electronic paperwork, direct in-app communication, and smart technology that matches drivers to loads.

    Drivers connect to the MustDeliver platform to book loads via a FREE mobile app, available for Android and iPhones. Additional driver benefits include:

    • extensive driver/load preferences
    • driver loyalty rewards
    • quick driver payouts
    • automated, real-time status updates to shipper

    For more information see our Owner Operators page.

    Shipper access the MustDeliver platform through a web application. Additional shippers benefits include:

    • free registration with no contracts, no minimums, no subscriptions, & no obligations
    • convenient shipper dashboard
    • access to large pool of vetted drivers
    • real-time shipment tracking, alerts, and ETAs

    For more information see our Shippers page.

    MustDeliver is the first to put an emphasis on building trust between the shipper and driver and equal control to both sides — which ultimately, leads to significantly better experiences and outcomes.

    Here is a short video that offers a brief overview of the MustDeliver platform from both the driver and shipper perspectives:

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