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On your customer dashboard you find conveniently packaged all critical information: pricing, load details, ETA's, tracking information and supporting documents. In addition, our platform gives our customers easy access to run analytical reports enhancing your business' efficiency. All invoicing is also located on the dashboard and our streamlined accounting processes avoid multiple points of contact. Customers can also designate internal accounting staff, giving them access to just the invoicing information they need. 

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Real Time Tracking & ETA

MustDeliver's innovative tracking, ETA and notification technology gives customers real time, mapped location information and dependable, adaptive ETA's. As soon as a Carrier has been assigned to your load, you receive a first notification. Once the vehicle is loaded, you are notified a second time, our tracking system is activated and our system provides you a dependable ETA. When your vehicle is within a 100 miles of destination, you receive a third notification with a refined ETA allowing for any necessary adjustments to your plans for receiving the vehicle. Once the vehicle has been delivered, you receive a fourth and final notification and supporting documents for the load can be found on the dashboard. 

Direct, In-App Communication

Our on-platform communication tool allows for 24/7 messaging to the MustDeliver Team and Carrier. This allows you to post all relevant information for the pickup and drop off of vehicles, such as hours of operations, after hour delivery processes and any other pertinent details. Any updates you need to make regarding the load or vehicle details is therefore automatically shared with all concerned parties. A record of all communication is kept in one location and is easily accessible via the customer dashboard.

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