• Thank You Expo East!

    Thank You Expo East!

    Author: Holly Sobocinski

    Thank you Expo East for creating a fantastic show! We’d like to celebrate all of those brands that have made it through this pandemic and are forging ahead. And also all those drivers that continue to make this business possible. After speaking with many brands, one thing is for sure, driver availability has never been more important. We will continue to speak on this topic in the coming week but for now, a trade show update!

    So, you might be wondering, did we hear all the dad jokes in trucking? A resounding yes! Did we drink every coffee sample we could find? Absolutely. And after taking in all that coffee we made a few stops to our friends over at La Croix. Here is MustDeliver’s CEO (Carrie Love) and Sales Rep (Holly) rehydrating after a LONG day of chatting and caffeinating. If you haven’t tried the new La Croix flavor Guava Sao Paulo please finish scrolling and get to the store ASAP. I’m sure it’s almost sold out! Thank you La Croix for making our trade show experience a fun one! And while we could have hung out at their stand all day we managed to pull ourselves away to find yet another coffee stand. Stay tuned for our reviews, you won’t be disappointed! A quick teaser…we found a coffee that hydrates! Drivers we think you are going to like this one.

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