• Shipping Stay in the Know with MustDeliver

    Shipping Stay in the Know with MustDeliver

    Author: Tony Manzella

    Automatic Shipper SMS NotificationsTired of not knowing the status of your shipment? And even more tired of having to jump through hoops to find out the status? MustDeliver’s got you covered with our robust yet flexible shipper notifications. You are automatically notified of your shipment’s progress every step of the way, including:

    • Posted – i.e., available to drivers on the platform
    • Covered
    • Driver at Pick Up
    • Loaded
    • In Transit – with an ETA, of course
    • Delayed – preferably not but we all know it can happen
    • Back on Schedule – that’s more like it
    • Driver at Delivery
    • Unloaded
    • Proof of Delivery Uploaded

    You can choose to be notified via email, SMS message or both. On a shipment by shipment basis, you can set at what point you’d like to be notified if it is delayed from not at all to notify me of any delay.

    No need to call to check on your shipments or log into software: just listen for mobile alerts or watch your inbox!

    We make being in the know simple and easy at MustDeliver.

    If you prefer to track your shipment on a map in real-time as it moves toward delivery, you can do that too! See our blog post: Live Shipment Tracking: 3 Ways MustDeliver’s has you Covered

    To learn more about the all benefits the MustDeliver platform offer’s shippers see: https://mustdeliver.com/shipper/

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