• Questions and Answers about MustDeliver’s New Carbon Offset Option

    Questions and Answers about MustDeliver’s New Carbon Offset Option

    Author: Chris Dalton

    MustDeliver is pleased to announce that our shippers now have a new, easy option to offset the carbon impact of their shipments. MustDeliver offers high-quality, verified carbon offsets in partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a respected leader in sustainability.

    Here’s what you need to know about this new benefit.

    Question 1: Do I have to participate in this?
    Answer: No. This program is totally optional. We know that many businesses are trying to “green” their operations and this gives them one more way to do so.

    Question 2: I’m a shipper. Rates are at historic highs, and you think I should pay more?
    1.35 cents per mile
    Answer: First, it’s your call, see #1. Second, you may be surprised to learn how affordable it is to offset the carbon impact of a shipment. The additional cost varies by service type but it’s always less than two cents a mile. For a dry van, it’s currently 1.35 cents per mile — or less than half a percent of last week’s national average spot rate of $3.53/mi.

    Question 3: How does it work?
    Answer: It’s easy. When you enter the details of a shipment, you’ll see a checkbox for Purchase Carbon Offsets. If you check that box, the cost of those offsets will be added to the total for the shipment and they’ll appear on your invoice once the shipment is delivered.

    Purchase Carbon Offset Checkbox and Pricing

    Question 4: I’m a driver. How does this affect me?
    Not at all. The carbon offset cost is an extra on the shipper’s invoice. It doesn’t affect the base shipment cost or the driver payment amount.

    Question 5: Where does this money go?
    Answer: We’re glad you asked! BEF, our partner, is committed to restoring freshwater ecosystems and the offset funds purchased through MustDeliver are used for BEF’s Forest Conservation and Restoration programs. We like trees.

    Question 6: Karma is great and all, but how does my company take credit for doing the green thing here?
    Answer: If you choose to offset the carbon impact of some or all of your shipments, MustDeliver will provide a yearly report detailing your participation including the cost and the number of tons of CO2 emissions offset. If you have a formal corporate responsibility program or are pursuing environmental certifications, we’d be happy to provide information verifying your participation: just talk to your MustDeliver representative. There’s a fast growing community of companies that care about sustainability. You may find that doing the green thing is good for your bottom line!

    Question 7: Is this optional?
    Answer: Yes! Maybe we already said this in #1, but we’re happy to say it again. Nobody has to participate, it’s your choice.

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