• November’s MustDeliver Driver Survey Results: Holiday Schedule

    November’s MustDeliver Driver Survey Results: Holiday Schedule

    Author: Nicki Franz

    For most of us the winter holiday season is a time step away from work to spend time with family and friends, attend festive gatherings, indulge in a few holiday feasts, and shop! From food to decorations to gifts, American consumers seem to have an insatiable need to buy, both online and in-store, come November and December. In fact, this year the National Retailer Federation (NFR) predicts that holiday spending sales during November and December will grow about 10% over 2020 to over $850 billion! Within that total, online sales will increase to about $250 billion. (See: NRF Predicts Highest Holiday Retail Sales on Record).

    MustDeliver feels it’s important to realize that the joy and conveniences we revel in during the holidays are possible due to the hard work of truck drivers, many of whom keep rolling through the holidays. There is a truck driver to thank behind every delicious meal, sparkling tree, and online purchase. And this time of year, time on the road for truckers can be particularly dangerous due to hazardous winter weather conditions and a 50% increase in drivers on the road (Reference: Bureau of Transportation Statistics). Given all of this, for our November survey we wanted to check in with our drivers to see what their work schedule looks like this holiday season. Below are the full survey results:

    MustDeliver Survey Results: Holiday Schedule

    Our congratulations goes out to MustDeliver driver Kip Shane of Idaho who was our MustDeliver Survey hat winner! Thank you to all the drivers who took the time to respond to our survey. Be sure to keep your eye on your inbox for next month’s MustDeliver driver survey. If you respond, you may be our next winner!

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