• MustDeliver’s Approach to Gaining Driver Loyalty: Commitment to Driver Success

    MustDeliver’s Approach to Gaining Driver Loyalty: Commitment to Driver Success

    Author: Charles Iragui

    According to news accounts and our observation, the US is experiencing a driver shortage. However, MustDeliver has had no difficulty continually attracting drivers onto its platform. To what do we attribute this surprising, differentiating success?

    First off, we have a set of principles that are driver-friendly. We see the driver as our partner and as a key to solving the problems of freight. This guides our actions, how we structure our business and how we envision our future.

    Secondly, we have implemented specific features on our platform that are both objectively positive for drivers and differentiate MustDeliver from competitors and the industry norm.

    1. We pay drivers when they show Proof of Delivery (industry norm: driver gets paid when the shipper pays on terms OR the driver factors the receivable with a significant haircut).
    2. We connect drivers directly with loads and the shippers behind the loads. This means that through our platform drivers can share information that is visible to the shipper and the MustDeliver freight facilitation team.
    3. We post a profile of our drivers and will soon be implementing a driver reliability score that will allow drivers to prove their quality service. Our drivers are not just cogs in the system; they are key to our success — and we recognize that.

    Lastly, MustDeliver always has an eye to the future; a future where we may see traditional drivers shift into the role of highly qualified technicians of the Autonomous Vehicle (AV). As AV technology develops, we foresee our platform being an ideal channel for independent drivers to gain the skills necessary to compete in trucking’s future reality. As we grow, we strive to be a key tool in how our drivers run their businesses, both now and the future, by offering online business tools and seminars as well as best practices for new technologies. Additionally, MustDeliver is expanding its partnerships with truck hardware companies, meaning that our drivers have the opportunity to have a voice in the freight technology evolution through the MustDeliver platform.

    Bottom line: We love drivers and want them to know they have us in their corner.

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