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Take a read through MustDeliver's Carrier FAQs to get your questions answered. If don't find the answer you need, we'd encourage you to email, call or submit a support form to let us how we can help you: MustDeliver Contact

General Carrier FAQs

No, there are no monthly charges or ongoing subscription fees. As an Owner of more than one truck, you can register with MustDeliver here. Also managing business for your one truck, our app is free to download. Download the free MustDeliver Driver App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. From there follow the simple registration process.

No, you do not have to sign a contract with MustDeliver. You only need to agree to our Term & Conditions to register a driver account and book loads.

Download the free MustDeliver Driver App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. From there follow the simple registration process. For help with driver registration, see our Driver Registration guide:

Presently we are looking for Carriers with their own MC number that are authorized for property and who have Reefer or Car Hauling equipment.

Connect your bank account to the MustDeliver App. For instruction on how to do this see our MustDeliver Driver App Tutorial Video: How to Connect your Driver Payment Account. We automatically pay you for every load you haul. We use the trusted online payment processor Stripe to secure your account information and to process payments.

Our rapid payment system puts more money in your pocket faster. Carriers receive payment on average of 48-hours after a completed POD. NO FEES for getting pay fast.

MustDeliver calculates the base shipping cost for a load using a per mile rate based on the lane and equipment type. We use pricing information from, Sonar and DAT.

MustDeliver's detention rate is $50 per hour starting 2 hours after scheduled appointment time for a maximum of 6 hours of detention per load ($300). In order to qualify for detention pay a driver must:
  • have their MustDeliver location permission set to "always allow"
  • arrive on time to the scheduled appointment
  • update the status of the load at the appropriate time points
  • ensure that equipment is compliant with all requirements for the load
  • submit detention request by sending via text or email a signed BOL/POD within 24 hours of delivery which indicates in and out times for delivery

For instructions on updating locations permission and load status see:

Detention: $50/hour
Truck Ordered Not Used (TONU): $200

If a load is cancelled by the shipper within 24 hours of the pick up appointment MustDeliver will issue you TONU fee if an equivalent load isn't available to book in it's place.

MustDeliver TONU Rate: $200

Once you have accepted a load in our system your photo is displayed to the Shipper and the MustDeliver Team.

If it is more than 72 hours from the pick up, tap the load under YOUR LOADS on the Main page and then tap CANCEL ASSIGNMENT. If it is within 72 hours, please email or call 1 833 933 1833.

Please alert the MustDeliver Team of the situation as soon as you possible. This can be done directly or through the Messaging feature of the app. Once a load is in transit, the app automatically calculates ETA and will alert the MustDeliver Team and Shipper (depending on the shipper’s preference) if the delivery will be delayed. However, alerting MustDeliver Team yourself is also recommended.

First you should download the free MustDeliver Driver App from the Play Store or App Store.

Once installed on your phone, open the app and tap the FIRST TIME USER? REGISTER button. From there follow the simple registration process. You will need to enter a valid MC# and mobile number and select your truck type to start. See our Driver Registration Guide for step-by-step instructions:
MustDeliver Driver Registration Guide

Yes. If you have space in your trailer and can make the requested delivery time, you are free to haul other loads along with loads sourced from MustDeliver.

Driver App FAQs

You can access your communication preferences within the MustDeliver app by tapping on the Profile icon Profile Icon to view the Profile Overview page. Tap the PROFILE INFO button. Scroll down to the COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES section. See screenshots below.

If you no longer want to receive notifications (text or email) when a new load is available check the "Do not alert me about new loads" box.

If you leave this box unchecked, you can set the "Alert me via:" drop down to specify you'd like new available load notifications to be received via text only, email only, or both email and text.

Note: the "Alert me via:" notification setting also would affect the notifications you would receive if you were to be awarded and hauled a MustDeliver load. You cannot opt out of notifications sent for an awarded load.

MustDeliver Profile Overview Page MustDeliver Profile Info Page - Communication Preferences

It’s important to update the status of your active load at the appropriate time so that the shipper can track the progress and status of the load. Once you have been booked a load through the app it will be listed on your Dashboard under YOUR LOADS with the status of: BOOKED. You will need to progress the load through the following statuses within the app as they occur. In order, they are:


Here's an example. I've just arrived at the pick up location. To update the status of the load to DRIVER AT PICK UP, from your DASHBOARDDashboard Icon under YOUR LOADS tap on the active load and then tap the blue MARK AS AT PICK UP button. Tap YES to confirm you've arrived at the pickup location. Back on your Dashboard you'll see that the load status has been updated to DRIVER AT PICKUP.

You should use this same process, continuing to update the status of the load as you progress to delivery. For more help, see the following resources:
Video: How to Update Load Status

MustDeliver will only show you available loads that match your truck type and equipment. You set your truck type during initial registration. Current truck type options are 53' Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, 26' Box Truck, Car Hauling and Other specialty. Once your truck type is set we won’t notify you of or show you available loads that require equipment you don’t have. For example, if you have set your truck type to 53' Dry Van you will not be notified about or see available loads that require a Reefer.

To update your truck type, tap on the Profile icon Profile Icon to view the Profile Overview page in the app. Tap TRUCK INFO and select the appropriate truck type.

Below your Truck/trailer type on the TRUCK INFO page you should also specify what additional equipment items you have by tapping the item to toggle it "on". The additional equipment choices are currently Pallet Jack, Load Bards, Blankets, Ramp. Again, we will not notify you of or show you available loads that require additional equipment that you don't have.

MustDeliver Profile Overview - Truck Info Highlight MustDeliver Truck Information

MustDeliver uses your location to track the progress of in transit MustDeliver loads that you are hauling. We notify the shipper of the load’s progress towards delivery. We also use your location when you search for available loads so that loads close to your current location are sorted at the top of the Available Loads list.

For more information on load tracking and automatic updates see:

The bill of lading is available on the app from the Load Details page once the freight has been loaded (i.e., you have updated load status to "LOADED"). On your DASHBOARD, tap the active load under YOUR LOADS and then tap VIEW BILL OF LADING. From the BOL page you can choose to email and/or text the bill of lading to an individual. We suggest you also ask for a hard copy of the bill of lading from the shipper.
MustDeliver Active Load Details Page MustDeliver Electronic BOL
To report a problem we recommend contacting the MustDeliver Team directly via the Messaging page in the app Messages Icon. Tap the load for which you need to report a problem and from that page message the shipper. You can also email or call 1 833 933 1833.
MustDeliver Conversations Page MustDeliver Shipper Messaging
When you arrive at the delivery location, mark the load as "Driver at Delivery". Once unloaded, from your Dashboard Dashboard Icontap the load under YOUR LOADS and then tap MARK AS UNLOADED. The receiving agent information will be displayed that was provided by the shipper. Confirm that the person that received the load matches what is filled in. If not or if the shipper never provided a receiving agent, enter the name of the person receiving the load and tap CONFIRM DELIVERY. For more help, see the following resources:
MustDeliver Dashboard MustDeliver Active Load Details MustDeliver Mark as Delivered - Recieving Agent Input

You can access your max deadhead preference within the MustDeliver app by tapping on the Profile icon Profile Icon to view the Profile Overview page.

From the Profile Overview page, tap LOAD PREFERENCES. Enter the maximum number of miles you are willing to deadhead to pick up a load. We’ll sort loads that are closer than the maximum higher in the Available Loads list than other loads. As the pick up gets further outside this maximum, the load will appear lower down in the Available Loads list.

MustDeliver Load Preferences Page - Max Deadhead

You can set your favorite lanes within the MustDeliver app by tapping on the Profile icon Profile Icon to view the Profile Overview page.

From the Profile Overview page, tap LOAD PREFERENCES. Tap ADD LANE. Enter a City, ST pair. We’ll sort loads that are to/from this city, state pair higher than others. As a load gets further away from this pair, it will appear lower down in the sorted list. Click ADD LANE to add more lanes.

MustDeliver Load Preferences Page - Favorite Lanes

Note that MustDeliver is just starting out and so don't have a large volume of loads available on the platform. It may be that we don't have any loads that match your equipment type in our area. That being said, MustDeliver is working hard to sign up new shippers in order to get loads on the platform. We'd encourage you to keep checking back as we continue to grow.

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