About MustDeliver

Our Purpose

MustDeliver was created to disrupt the traditional freight broker model by focusing on transparency, accountability and communication. 

Our mission is to maintain a fluid partnership that respects and nurtures the human side of the shipping experience.

Our daily work is focused on being responsive to feedback and ensuring drivers feel valued and rewarded for what matters most: delivering exceptional service for shippers. 

Our proprietary technology is designed to optimize both the Carrier's access and time. In turn, providing MustDeliver's customers real transparency into every part of their supply chain allows them to make better decisions each day.

The lack of transparency between Shippers, Carriers, and Freight Brokers leads directly to service failures and high levels of distrust resulting in dissatisfaction, especially between Shippers and Transportation Providers. 

  • The Technology - MustDeliver can provide better service faster because of our platform and free Carrier Tools. (We would love to show you what we mean!)
  • Our People -Supported by a skilled team with over 30 years of industry experience who know the business inside and out.
  • Sustainability - We can also help you with your ESG.(Environmental, Social, Governance)   Every shipment we handle can help you lower your carbon footprint.

Our Origin

The genesis of MustDeliver was the result of our founders, both successful entrepreneurs in marketing and custom manufacturing, personally experiencing repeated failures within the traditional broker-driven freight marketplace.

Putting a shipment on a truck to be delivered to its destination sounds simple and easy enough -- but in reality a significant number of their projects (~25%) were deemed a complete or near failure due to shipping issues that fell outside of their control.

The shipping disaster stories are countless.

- An under-capitalized driver suffering a breakdown and not knowing where to seek help resulting in delayed delivery

- Missing or delayed paperwork resulting in delays and in one extreme case the wrong shipment getting on the wrong truck

- A shipping bill received with unquoted charges that's nearly double the original amount

At the root of the shipping problems was the complete lack of transparency and communication between the shipper and the driver caused by the third party broker.

The founders observed that the communication barriers between shippers and drivers and the lack of shipment visibility were central contributing factors in each of the dozens of failed deliveries.

Indeed, MustDeliver's own market due diligence has borne out these initial observations: the lack of transparency between shippers, truck drivers, and freight brokers leads directly to service failures and high levels of distrust and dissatisfaction, especially between shipping clients and truck drivers.